Seb’s Grand Day Out

You turn your back for one minute and the boy sneaks out…. Thanks to Pat for that one….

Knee Jerk

I came across this interesting discussion on Plastic about an apparently anti-Islamic episode of the B.C. comic strip. I don’t have much time for the argument at hand, mostly because I don’t care, but I was appalled that the supposedly intelligent Plastic readership thought that a crescent moon on an outhouse door was anti-Islamic. Hello? […]

Wittgenstein’s Music

Who knew that Ludwig Wittgenstein was a composer? I’d love to hear this piece, even though it’s only 30 seconds long. I’d venture to say that Wittgenstein was one of the brightest people of the 20th century. Certainly there were specialists who achieved greatness in their fields, but examine the variety of things that he […]

The Massachusetts Decision

As you may have heard, the Massachusetts Supreme Court has decided that barring the marriage of same-sex couples is a violation of the state constitution. I would have to have to agree, and here’s why. It’s a matter of process. The state does not have laws barring the expression of homosexuality. If the 14th amendment […]

Black Helicopter Alert

Perhaps I’ve watched one too many X-Files, but I know I saw a black helicopter circling East Liberty tonight. I was riding home in the dark (since I went to the gym) along Penn Avenue when I heard the familiar whump whump whump of a helicopter overhead. I craned my neck to look at it, […]

WRC News

The World Rally Championship got stunning news today from Richard Burns — he will miss the 2004 season due to a brain tumor. While Burns is expected to recover fully pending medical treatment, his doctors advised him to sit out the 2004 campaign. This leaves Subaru without their second driver next year, perhaps opening a […]

The Liberal Dilemma

Slate has an interesting article this morning about the dilemma of being a rich liberal. Good stuff.

Nothing to See Here…

so move along. This space has been pretty quiet lately, due to the combination of doing more construction than programming at work (we’re still at least 3-4 days away from starting to power up servers or even the network) and my involvement in the local gym’s bouldering competition. But I will pass along some news […]

Plotting My Escape

Sorry about the lack of activity here lately — we’re moving into new offices at work (which also entails me becoming a laborer for company, doing painting and other remodeling work) , and my workstation hasn’t been up for about four days, and we’re busy helping the local gym get ready for a climbing comp. […]

Rally GB Day Three: Solberg WIns!

Petter Solberg has won the Rally Great Britain and with it, the driver’s championship for 2003. Solberg won the final run through Margam Park, and extended his lead over Sebastien Loeb, winning the rally by over 40 seconds. Tommi Makinen finishes his career on the podium, as he won his battle with Colin McRae for […]