Racing (Mis)Adventure

Today was the first of the Mingo Creek road race series and I thought, why not? A 30 mile race, on rolling roads south of the city? Sure! I very nearly didn’t go, as I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of riding there and back, but last night, a friend offered a ride, […]

Wednesday Night Ride

Old Mill-Middle Loop Dan wanted to shakedown his new lighting system, and leaving at 10:00 PM disrupts little in our house except my bedtime, so I took advantage of rather spring-like weather and rolled out in the darkness. Within three miles of the start, we were on pitch-black back roads in Fox Chapel, going up […]

Pet Peeve

If you own a shop (particularly a bike shop), and you have a “Contact Us” page or your email address address listed on your website, would it be so hard to respond to an email message in timely fashion? If it is too difficult, please remove the email address from your site so I don’t […]

Sunday Ride

City Loop (no map) Winter refuses to go away. I rode through heavy headwinds (a consequence of taking the Jail Trail, I suppose) and even a bit of snow. I’m still very much on the fence about the Mingo Creek race. I have a feeling that one way or another, I’ll ride out to the […]

Saturday Ride

Mount Troy Loop First recreational ride in a long time where I didn’t wear a jacket. Spring is coming, slowly.

Spring Plans

I’ve come up with a bit of ambitious spring riding schedule, at least for the next 5 weeks or so. First, on 30 March, is the Mingo Creek Road Race, 28 miles on a rolling course. In case that wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to ride to and from the park (~20 miles, thanks to riding […]

Rebecca Solnit, Channeling Wendell Berry

“One Nation Under Elvis” Right-wing politicians may serve the super-rich with tax cuts and deregulation and privatization galore, but they also dress up expertly in a heartland all-Americanism that has, at least until Bush’s plummeting popularity, allowed a lot of rural Americans to see them as allies rather than opponents. The right has also done […]

Wednesday Ride, Aborted

Highland Park Circuits (no map, cuz who wants to map a 2 mile loop?) I worked from home today, babysitting our FIOS installation, so I figured I would sneak out mid-afternoon for a ride. Cold, dreary weather, so I stuck close to the house. Good thing, too. As I was climbing up Bunkerhill on lap […]

Sunday Ride

Thompson Run South I thought the day would be a wash, weather-wise, but the sun came out and it warmed up, so I headed out. This is a decent loop, though a bit more traffic-ky than heading out Saxonburg or Middle Roads. Thompson Run has some nice sections, but is generally too narrow given the […]