Crunchy Conservatives

Rod Dreher’s book, Crunchy Cons, has hit the market today, and I’ve already placed my order. The National Review has started a blog for Dreher and other folks (both crunchy and non) to debate the issues raised in the book. One notable contributor will be Pantagruelist Caleb Stegall. Dreher has also included a crunchy manifesto […]

Being That Parent

Parenthood is fraught with mistakes. No mother or father would claim to have all the answers, and many would claim to know none of the answers. As much as a child lives and learns, a parent does as well. But there are moments when the mistakes come at times when it seems no one but […]

Hate Crimes Against Christians?

Get Religion leads this morning with a post about the rash of church fires in Alabama, wondering why the mainstream media has been mostly quiet about them. Crimes like these arsons will test any support of potential hate crimes legislation because Christians aren’t exactly the demographic supporters had in mind. And one has to wonder […]

Urban Agrarianism

Thanks to Doug, I discovered that Mildreds’ Daughters Urban Farm has a community supported agriculture program (CSA). The farm is roughly a mile from our house, just over the hill in Stanton Heights. The farm is a part of the larger Grow Pittsburgh organization, which seeks to …work with community organizations, institutions and individuals to […]

Super Bowl (2)

I’ll make one comment about the game last night. During the second quarter, Hines Ward took the end around for a first down. When the replay was shown (in slow motion), Ward had a smile on his face the entire time, even as the Seattle defender cut him off and knocked him out of bounds. […]

Super Bowl

So, yeah, the Steelers won the Super Bowl. There are people running up and down our street, yelling, ringing bells, setting off firecrakers. In the blowing snow. I can’t imagine the scene in the South Side.

These Days

As Jen has noted, we have our hands full with the boys. Things are slowly, ever so slowly, rounding the corner though, as Oren is coming closer to having a bit of schedule for the evening hours, which maximizes our sleep. Sebastien, for all his cuteness, is a dog ever-straining at his leash, testing his […]

“The New Way to Make Enemies”

Nemester I shall let this site speak for itself, though be sure to check out the Sasquatch Militia and the testimonials.