And While I’m Dreaming

This is my dream Porteur–Mary bars, Nexus 7 speed hub, smaller front rack. All it needs is a dynohub/front light combo.

Dream Bikes and Back to the Beginning

Kogswell has officially released its Porteur/Randonneur into production. ‘Tis pretty: Very nice, though I might prefer it with some weird Nitto bars instead of the drops. Additionally, Rivendell has released the Bleriot, a more cost-friendly version of their Saluki 650B/Porteur model. And, after switching the gearing on the Surly a few times this week, I’ve […]

Ace of Spades Alleycat

After a near miss and bent rim in the last race, I decided to approach this event as a nice day riding around the city. No need to risk life and limb. Enjoy the weather. Yeah, right. The race was a poker run: five checkpoints, at each of which you would be given a playing […]

The End

The New Pantagruel has shuttered its windows. I have greatly appreciated the work of my former classmate Caleb Stegall and new acquintance Dan Knauss (and the rest of their co-conspirators), and their articulated philosophy has informed, in part, our lifestyle. I am very grateful that, for a time, my name was associated with the project […]

The Road Ahead

After speaking with a few folks via the NJ Randonneurs message board, I’ve decided that I will most certainly ride the Surly for the Eastern PA Populaire next month. I waivered a bit, given the lay of the land, but several riders noted that as long as I wasn’t afraid to walk my bike up […]

Two Things

First, at Caelum et Terra, Daniel Nichols examines the difference between policy and theology/philosophy, and why Christians really only have a single choice in such matters. Second, Fr. Neuhaus discusses the often rocky relationship between faith and reason and how, perhaps, Christians should approach mending that relationship.

Home Again, Home Again

And I see we’ve brought the rain with us. Some random thoughts and observations after nearly six days in the car…. * The Ramada Limited was the best deal going as far as lodging goes. Large room, indoor pool, nice continental breakfast, and free wireless, all for under $80. * Though it seems counter-intuitive, it’s […]

More on Ellul, Neocalvinists

Macht has an informative post regarding alternative Neocalvinist views on Ellul, specifically those of Egbert Schuurman, who found Ellul’s critique of Technique rather useful. Schuurman, in fact, sounds almost Ellulian/Illichian in his perspective: It needs to be understood that contemporary technological development in alliance with economics fosters materialism, threatens Christian spirituality, and renders life, including […]

School, and Its Alternatives

I have been working my way through Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society on our trip. This is Illich’s most well known, and notorious, work where he outlines a vision for a society that does not include mandatory, publically-funded schooling. While I do not intend to review his ideas here, I will say there is a certain […]

Building Institutions, Again

Dr. Koyzis has responded to my post concering his essay on Jacques Ellul’s Technique and the Opening Chapters of Genesis. He wonders why the sort of personal action that Ellul espouses is any better than institutional action, given the pervasiveness of sin in the world. Ellul, despite his protestations to the contrary, was Calvinist in […]