Things to Come

Ahh, the end of a year. I’ve never cared much for New Year’s (and New Year’s Eve) and this year won’t be an exception, especially since we now have a fine reason to stay home and go to sleep by 10:30pm. I am hopefully looking forward to a new job sometime soon, but that’s merely […]

Back to the Grind

After having five days at home with the family, it’s quite an adjustment trying to get back into the swing of work, especially when you don’t particularly care for that work. Things are better than they were before the holidays, but I’m still desperate to find different work. I think I’m ready to work for […]

Return of the King

We finally got to the see the last installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy this past Friday night. It does not disappoint. I’m really impressed with what Peter Jackson and his crew did — they made three really great movies, and they kept the spirit of the work and the author. I would […]

Fight the Future

Last night, as I was looking over the various Christmas cards we had gotten from friends and relatives, I realized something about our membership in the adulthood club — we weren’t quite there yet. Sure, Jen sent out some Christmas cards this year, but because of lack of time, they were just generic holiday cards. […]

There’s Nothing Like…

a brand new chain and a clean drivetrain on your fixie. After a bit of maintainence work on my bike this weekend, the only thing I heard on the ride to work this morning was the buzz of the tyres on tarmac.

More Interesting French News

It looks like France will ban religious clothing in their public schools. There’s two things I find really interesting: 1. Most “intellectual” Americans like to look to France as the example of why Europe is so much better than the United States. According to their logic, the French are much more open-minded (see their lack […]

Apples and Oranges

Joel Spolsky has an interesting article on his site

Welcome to Socialism

As you may have heard, France’s Prime Minister Jacques Chirac must decide if the country should ban Muslim headscarves in schools. There have been several reactions to this potentially explosive situation. First, some people have said this is a problem nearly every large European country will have deal with very soon because, by their nature, […]

WRC News

The early reports out of Subaru/Pro-drive headquarters in Branbury England is that Colin McRae will not sign with Subaru for the 2004 season. Seems as if Subaru brass in Japan see not signing a top tier driver for the upcoming season as a cost cutting measure, given that the schedule has been expanded to 16 […]

Sound Familiar?

I’ve been too busy/fed up with work lately to post much of anything, but I read this article on Slate regarding Al Gore’s endorsement of Howard Dean. What really caught my eye was this quote from Gore: “We can’t afford to be divided” Gore, sounding a bit like the neo-conservatives talking about the criticism of […]