On Separation

Moon wonders what our culture’s germ phobia really says about us: Decks instead of porches. Television instead of book circles. The internet instead of coffee houses. How many layers must we place between each other before we lose all sense of other people? And how much of an impact will this endless intermediation have on […]

Old School Cycling

This is what I’m talking about: More info here.


For some time, I had been purchasing coffee beans at La Prima‘s cafe in the Strip District. The beans were almost always freshly roasted, and it gave me an excuse to stop on the morning commute, drink an espresso, and thumb through the New York Times. The beans weren’t cheap, but they weren’t terribly expensive […]

Two Moments*

Water falls down, down over rocks, splashing into a pool below us. Spray douses us, and the mist becomes a rainbow in the Spring sunshine. The sound of the waterfall is deafening, and we shout to make ourselves heard. I tie into the already damp rope and slip into my climbing shoes, doing what I […]

Politics, and Vacation

I posted an entry over yonder about this NYT article. We’re heading to the New River Gorge for three days for some climbing and camping fun. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Rally News

Sebastien Loeb easily won the Rally Cyprus last weekend, after both Marcus Gronholm and Petter Solberg failed to restart the rally after terminal engine damage. Privateer Manfred Stohl took a surprise second place (the first time in several years a privateer has crack the podium), and Markko Martin won his battle with another privateer, Henning […]

Thank You, Kieran

Especially for question #1.

Dichotomies, False or Otherwise

Over the past week, I’ve been talking about intelligent design, evolution and the fracas in Kansas with a co-worker (hi, Glen!). What I’ve noticed is that the loudest voices in this situation (the Kansas situation, that is) ask us to choose — you’re either an evolutionist or a religious person. Contemporary politics does much the […]

Rally News

I haven’t written much about the 2005 campaign thus far, but after a tumultuous day in Cyprus, I thought I’d pass along a few bits of news. Unsurprisingly, Sebastien Loeb leads the event after the first leg, but every factory team has suffered significant problems. First, Peugeot’s Marcus Gronholm, who expected to compete for victory […]

Burkeans, Traditionalists, and Neo-Cons

Crooked Timber’s Henry gets the discussion started by examining where the current crop of Neo-Conservatives stand in relation to their political forebearers, Burkean and/or traditionalist conservatives. Related to this, I started writing a response to this essay by Mark Henrie in the lastest New Pantagruel tracing the political, philosophical, cultural, and religious foundations of Traditionalist […]