Rule of Law

I finally read the editorial I’ve been expecting to read since the war began (sorry, no link, as it was in the print edition of the Post Gazette). The US military has been talking a lot lately of how the Iraqis are mistreating prisoners of war, and how they are dressing like civilians and waving […]

If Bill Says So….

Clinton Urges Nation to Support Bush I think this is good advice. I didn’t want to see this come to war as much as the next person, but now that we’re there, we better get the job done. And regardless of what you think, you should support the troops. I know that sounds like silly […]

Good News

The Mozilla folks are releasing a new email client, called Minotaur. Yay! Outside of the Mac (I used the included Mail client), I’ve been searching for a good email client. On Windows, I tried desperately to find something other than Mozilla, since kitchen-sink feature mentality makes it a lumbering memory hog. I’ve been using it […]

A Boy and His Bike That Wasn’t

This is a long story, and I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to get through it. I actually tried it last week, and gave up, so here it goes….. As some of you may now, I’ve decided to take up cyclocross, an esoteric branch of cycling that involves riding around a circuit in […]

Hoop Thoughts

Now for something completely different…… How is that Pitt got stuck in the same region as Kentucky, while two lower ranked Big East team (Syracuse and UConn) have far easier paths to the Final Four? I don’t get it….

New Politics

I had a bit of a political revelation yesterday, thanks to a post I read on Plastic. I’ve found myself wavering sorta close to being a libertarian these days, but I had problems with the typical conservative (aka Adam Smith-ian) economic philosophy. I’ve never been able to come to terms with a completely free market. […]

Support Live Music

A group of us saw Mary Timony and Unwed Sailor (plus a few others) last night at the Rex Theatre. I love live music. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m so lazy about following the local music scene. First, I thought Unwed Sailor rocked. They are an instrumental outfit, more in the vain of Mogwai […]

War Part 2

I read an interesting article in the print edition of Newsweek last night. Its premise was to explain why the world hate us, and what the current administration did to cause that. Quite an interesting read, with lots of good historical notes that prove it was the Bush administration’s diplomacy (or to be more precise, […]


Well, unless Saddam Hussein has a change of heart and just up and leaves Baghdad, the US will be at war with Iraq by the end of the week. Sad news. I found this little news blurb to be quite interesting. Oddly, most international news sites didn’t mention it.


Tim Bray, one of the original authors of the XML spec, has this bit on his site about why writing programs to parse and generate XML sucks. It’s an interesting read if you like this sort of stuff, and it includes links to other disgruntled programmer rants.