The article below was published many years ago (I’d reckon at least twenty) in a glossy Pittsburgh magazine. Growing up, my family lived in an neighborhood in the east end of the city, surrounded by my mother’s family. The entire neighborhood was at one time owned by my great grandfather, but over the years, he […]

Halloween Alleycat — A Different View

Yesterday was the Spirit of the Streets race. Having done seven or eight races in the last eighteen months, I thought I’d offer my services as a volunteer, and the organizer, Brad from Dirt Rag, accepted my offer. There would be two races: 1. The citizens’ race: a combination scavenger hunt/point-to-point race with four checkpoints. […]

Why I Don’t Dance

From Dave and Casey’s wedding.


Doug accurately sums up the single greatest asset for a parent — short term memory.


I’ve wanted to post about this for a long time, but haven’t found the time. Patagonia has published this essay by Bill McKibben on the joy of localism. I am always amazed that localism is not easily constrained within typical Left v Right thinking. Most “conservatives” would dismiss anything Patagonia prints as enivronmental drivel, yet […]

Book It Alleycat (2)

Let me get this out of the way — I don’t like scavenger hunt style alleycats, at least not as much as the standard checkpoint driven races. When faced with four pages of stuff to do, in divergent corners of the city, I tend to stare blankly at the manifest, hoping that I can find […]

Book It Alleycat

The full report is coming soon (I think), but here’s the route Eli, Joshua, and I took for the scavanger hunt-style race.

The New Commute (2)

I was not looking forward to the new commute yesterday (my first day on the new job). I had been given a laptop a week or so ago so I could begin to poke around the codebase, and now, I had to get said laptop (a large-ish Dell workstation-type model) back to the office, in […]

More on Michael Park

Matt Chester, a former rally co-driver himself, has posted his thoughts on the tragic death of Michael Park.

New Commute

Starting tomorrow, my morning and evening commute will consist of this. If you care.