Current Reading

The latest issue of Radix has two articles that caught my eye enough that I’ve read them several times. The first, “Why Love Will Always Be A Poor Investment” by Kurt Armstrong, is an examination of the marriage covenant, and how it stands in opposition to the individualistic, choice-driven relationships of our time. This ring […]

Sports Nut

I enjoy sports. Any kind really. Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, rallying, cycling, even baseball on occasion. Some find this odd, as if I am either too geeky or too intellectual to be a sports fan. My love, however, has a serious obstacle–we don’t own a functional television. Sunday afternoons in the fall or winter […]


Creak, creak, creak goes the swing. We are stealing away an hour at the playground before twilight, enjoying the rare 60 degree January day. Sebastien and I have the mile or so to the quiet playground, the one tucked in the valley between Morningside and Highland Park. And it is quiet, even on such a […]

2006 WRC Preview

The 2006 campaign kicks off in roughly a week with the Rallye Monte Carlo. This season could be the most wide open in years due to the number of team and rule changes. The biggest news is that only two manufacturer teams will compete, Subaru and Ford. Citroen and Peugeot had previously announced their intentions […]

Site Update

Quickly. I’ve converted the old “climbing” page to be an actual MT blog now, so we can painlessly update content. See it here.


It is children who lead us to the gospel… We are not worthy to educate them. Our lips are unclean; our dedication is not wholehearted. Our truthfulness is partial; our love divided. Our kindness is not without motives. We ourselves are not yet free of lovelessness, possessiveness, and selfishness… Only wise men and saints, only […]