Keith Berger Memorial Criterium Race Report

So we planned a trip to Connecticut to visit family around a bike race. There’s a report on the team website, so this will include more personal reflections on the race. * I really want to underscore how relatively safe the race felt, particularly the corners. This is likely the product of these guys racing […]

About That Last Thought…

Last night’s poor performance has me again questioning my choice of training races. I’ve posted two results from several months of racing in the Bs. Of course, results aren’t why I’m doing these races. I suspect if I crack the top ten this year in the Bs it is only because ten people lined up […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

P course tonight. Hot. Lots of people. I really wanted to stick with the main group. This plan latest approximately five laps. What happened? Well, some gaps started to form in front of me (move up in the start grid, dummy!), and I spend a lot of energy chasing those down. I was hoping the […]

Fort Cherry Road Race Report

Let’s get this out of the way first–the race was far, far better than last year’s debacle (of course, that bar was fairly low to clear, eh?). HUGE field. 50+ pre-registered, plus more day of. Combine this with narrow farm roads, and there was literally no room to move in the group. John Heffner and […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

(or, Why Exactly Do I Race Bs Again?) Not much to report here. I mean, how interesting is it to read about pack fodder week after week? The race followed the usual script, mostly–break, break caught, break, break caught, break, break caught. At one point, the break swelled to roughly half the pack, at which […]

Riverview Grand Prix Race Report

Yesterday was the Oakmont criterium (Riverview Grand Prix). John and I lined up for the team in the category 4/5 race (22 laps, 16 miles), along with 43 other racers. Scary. Fine weather, albeit a bit hot. There was a bit of breeze, but it only seemed problematic at one point in the course. My […]

A Promise…

I shall never again criticize legacy code that I did not write. Often, as a developer, you may find yourself slapping your forehead, saying what the… when reviewing an existing code base. This reaction, while perfectly valid, is short-sighted. It does not account for the rapid changes in scope that occur rather late in the […]