A Tale of Two Boulder Problems

Bouldering at Hueco Tanks means experiencing climbing history. While it is certainly not the birthplace of bouldering, it has played a critical role in the development of the spot for a very long time, from the early hard ascents done by Bob Murray and John Sherman, to the cutting edge problems established by Fred Nicole […]

Texas, At the Moment

We are roughly three-quarters of the way through our road trip to Hueco Tanks. As Jen has pointed out, we’ve had some rough, wintry weather. The trip opened with a winter storm across Texas, followed by a long weekend in a Microtel waiting for sunshine and temperatures above freezing. Finally, we made it to the […]

Kids at the Wheel Mill

From The Wheel Mill So I heard that the Wheel Mill was running a campaign to raise funds to expand their facility, and the price for winter passes for the kids was too hard to pass up. Through my first few years of high school, I basically spent all of my time on a BMX […]

Winter on the Horizon


I never grow tired of this song.

Back in the Saddle

After a bit of a long hiatus, I’ve finally decided to be serious about rock climbing again. I haven’t trained since, well, last fall, and my attention had been focused on trail running since last December. Over the last months since the Glacier Ridge race, I’ve realized several things: I generally enjoy running, but I […]

In the (Almost) High Country

We are currently in Kearney, NE, not camping, because it is ridiculously hot outside. We are returning east from a brief sortie to Colorado for a family reunion. Most of the time was spent in a palatial chalet tucked on the hill above Steamboat Springs. As there was no rock climbing nearby, Jen and I […]

Glacier Ridge 30k Trail Race (or, A Race in Two Parts)

I am not one to believe in omens, but it hard not to when I looked out the window of the inn in Portersville where we spent the night, I watched six vultures circling just above our van. The skies were cloudy, and it was windy and chilly. Good weather for running, I suppose, but […]

Ups and Downs

I’ve started and stopped several posts with training updates and whatnot, but they tended to be rambling affairs that I lost interest in, so perhaps I can be more concise and actually post something. So, knees and running. In a bit of last ditch effort, I made an appointment to meet with an Active Release […]

Not Dead Yet (But Close, Perhaps)

I came across this essay by Anton Krupicka, and it’s rather appropriate, given how things have been going with my running. We went to Florida early in February, and given the relative lack of elevation changes and fine weather, we both ran, a lot, including a 14 miler at a local regional park (more on […]