Lil Seb got to meet some of our climbing friends last night at the shop. It good to see a bunch of our friends again….. Saw something really, really silly yesterday on a little lunchtime walk around Squirrel Hill. Some kid had an Audi A4 tricked out to look like an S4, including all the […]


The Apache Project is probably the biggest open source technology project besides the GNU/Linux kernel (and distributions). Best known for its web server, the Apache group also has a very lively and productive Java group known as Jakarta. The Jakarta group is best known for the Tomcat application server and the Struts framework, but there […]


I don’t know if anyone has been following the SCO/IBM lawsuit, but it took a very interesting twist today. First, a little update if you haven’t been following it…..SCO has claimed that they own the copyrights and patents for Unix System V, and that IBM (who has licensed that code base) has donated parts of […]

Too Cool

Seb has now decided that sleep is optional. He’s been eating more often (more and likely a *growth spurt*), and sleeping less at night. This equates to less sleep for me, and even less sleep for Jen. We’ve decided to no longer try and *put him to bed* and just let him fall asleep in […]


I finally got around to installing Gentoo on the second hard drive in my PC today. Note the verb tense — installing — rather than installed — because two and half hours later it is still installing. There are two selling points for Gentoo. One, the initial download is small. Even if you download the […]


Leave it to the Japanese…..costumes for your cat. As an added bonus, the company translated the site into Engrish.


There’s an interesting thread on /. about the geek’s desire to learn. Everything. Homebrewing beer, gardening, metalsmithing, you name it, and there are geeks into it or learning it. And I’ve got to put myself into that category. I really like the process of learning, and the process of teaching myself. I remember in high […]

Look at the Golfs

Not that most people care, but Annika Sorenstam is currently one under par at the Colonial Invitational. In case you haven’t heard, Sorenstam, the best female golfer on the planet, is playing in a PGA tour event. Many people have cried that she doesn’t deserve to be there, but here she is, 3/4 of the […]

Can You Hear Me?

I still don’t have a fully functioning sound system on my machine at work. I can listen to my MP3s, but I have to restart the sound server every 20 minutes because the driver for my Soundblaster Live 5.1 card is only an evaluation copy. “What gives?” you ask….”Don’t you work on a linux box? […]

Photographic Slight-of-Hand

Did anyone else notice my mother-in-law’s translucent hand in this picture of Seb? Wacky….