Titec H-Bar Mini-Review

So I picked up a set of Titec H-bars (designed by Jeff Jones) for the Kona. The idea is to make it a bit more comfortable for all around riding, particularly on dirt roads and trails. I was waffling between the H-bars and a set of Albatross bars, but thought the H-Bars must be better […]

The Way Forward

So, yes, climbing it is for the rest of the fall. Unless the weather goes pear-shaped on the weekend, I’ll likely skip ‘cross season. Why? Simple. With climbing, there is no either/or when it comes to spending time with the family–I can have it both ways. “Balance” is built right in. That’s not say I’ve […]

Motivation for the Fall

Still Life from GearVideos on Vimeo. Yes, there’s still work to be done to get the fitness to even work on this route, but still, a boy needs a goal. By the way, he makes the crux look rather easy….

Red River Gorge Photos

From Red River Gorge 2009

The Red River Gorge, Shorter Version

(or Just keep swimming, just keep swimming[1]) We spent seven days in Campton, KY, climbing around the Red River Gorge. The weather was less than cooperative, with lots of rain, heat, and humidity (sometimes all at once, sometimes separately). We still managed to climb parts of five days, alternating between the Roadside crag and Military […]

The One True Bike

I’ve always tried to limit the number of bikes in the stable. For a very long time, I only had the Surly Steamroller. Since I started road racing, there’s always been at least two bikes (the Cannondale and a commuter), and that’s okay, I think. I’ve been toying around with the idea of picking up […]

Goals, Again

We leave for the Red River Gorge tomorrow. For the first time in nearly three years, I am in some sort of reasonable shape for a climbing trip. My lack of fitness is easily masked when we go bouldering (see Bishop last year), but not so much when climbing routes (see the Red River Gorge […]

Weekend at the New

From NRG – August 2009

Back in Saddle Again, and ‘Cross Category Navel Gazing

I reconfigured the Cannondale last night, and it is in cyclocross mode. I always chuckle a bit when I finished this conversion, as there’s only about two months out of the year that this bike actually rides in its native dress. I do need to bite the bullet and swap out the rear mech cable. […]

Resurrecting the Racing Season

So I was convinced that I was done with racing for the year, instead focusing on the local brevet and the Dirty Dozen. Then I looked at the local ‘cross racing calendar, and realized I could do at least four races (including one in Fayetteville, WV, meaning climbing and ‘cross on the same weekend!) in […]