New York Thoughts

Jen has posted her thoughts on the trip.

NYC, The Food

This will be a somewhat brief review of all food and drink consumed in New Amsterdam during our weekend there. I suppose we’ll start at the beginning…. Saturday Lunch: EJ’s Luncheonette (on Amsterdam, I think). More than adequate diner food. We wandered around for about an hour trying to pick a place. Brunch is apparently […]

New York Photos

A rather pitiful selection of photos from our NYC trip is available here.

NYC Trip, The Two Minute Tour

Pictures and details will be forthcoming, but here’s the quick rundown of our 48 hours in the Big City. Saturday, after getting picked up at the airport by a driver (swanky!), we arrived at our hotel, the Lucerne, in the Upper West Side. Very nice place. Small rooms (typical, I think), but very nice, and […]


To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, Jen and I are leaving this morning for New York City for two days. The boys are staying with Grandma and Pop-Pop. This marks the first time we are leaving the boys overnight (and the first, I think, that I have ever left them–that 2:00AM work night notwithstanding). We […]

Ten, Again

And I dont know how I survived those days Before I held your hand Well I never thought that I would be the one To admit that the moon and the sun Shine so much more brighter when Seen through two pairs of eyes than When seen through just one Have you ever seen a […]


How many times have I come to you out of my head with joy, if ever a man was, for to approach you I have given up the light and all directions. I come to you lost, wholly trusting as a man who goes into the forest unarmed. It is as though I descend slowly […]

Weekend Ride (That Almost Wasn’t)

The rain started before I could leave, and I nearly scrapped the ride in a fit of grumpy indignation. I got myself motivated, put the half-fenders on the Bianchi, and headed out. I’m too lazy to map the ride, so here it is: Freeport Road to Guys Run, then Fox Chapel Road to Dorseyville to […]

The Human City

I do not always find myself in agreement with what James Smith writes, but his essay on the Comment website, “Loving our neighbour(hood)s: The architecture of altruism,” hits the mark. Smith wonders: What if our built environment were less sequestering and insulated? What if we dwelt in houses with front porches on the sidewalkā€”and actually […]

Men and the Church

Rod Dreher is wringng his hands over the lack of “real men” in many Christian denominations (and pointing out how the Orthodox don’t have these problems). And I’m not sure why. Dreher quotes an article that appears in the Washington Post about this trend in Protestant denominations: “Every Muslim man knows that he is locked […]