Fair Trade?

We have, over the years, tried to become more considerate consumers. Realizing that materialism and consumer have overcome our society, we wanted to try to go against that grain best we could. But last night, while at the local supermarket obsessing over what coffee to get (since I couldn’t stop at La Prima in the […]

The Little Things

The white, fluffy snow that softened everything this weekend has been transformed into piles of wet, dirty slush. The city hasn’t gotten around the completely clearing most roads, so the ride to work is mix of wet asphalt and a thin coating of slush — less than pleasant riding conditions. The road conditions seemed to […]

The New Global Left

Gideon Strauss has started about the new Left he envisions as a future for Christians in politics. Crooked Timber posted a link to this book review by Tony Judt examing the political divide between Europe and America, with coffee as a central metaphor. A couple of interesting bits: To a growing number of Europeans, however, […]

Rallye Monte Carlo Recap

In the end, it was easy, again. Sebastien Loeb has won his third consecutive Rallye Monte Carlo. Loeb went into Sunday with a two minute lead over Marcus Gronholm, but any chance of challenge from Gronholm disappeared during the Col du Turini stage. Both Gronholm and Petter Solberg crashed during the stage thanks to snow […]

Rallye Monte Carlo Update

As expected, Sebastien Loeb has a comfortable two minute over his nearest challenger, Marcus Gronholm. Loeb was feeling the heat earlier in the day from teammate Francois Duval until Duval had an off on SS6, taking out a utility pole and halting the stage. Duval was ok, but damage forced him to retire from event. […]

Theology, Star Wars Style

Macht has posted the interesting theological/philosophical discussion that C-3PO and R2-D2 had during Star Wars Episode 4.

“Bobo Sanctimony”

Mark Dery has a scathing critique of the “Not One More Damn Dime” (NMODD) boycott.

This and That

I’m having trouble finishing things these days. Some of you may be saying *tsk tsk* since the Rallye Monte Carlo started today, and I’ve gotten one team preview out. I’ve got two half-completed previews, and a rally preview. In case anyone cares, Sebastien Loeb is leading the rally, with Francois Duval and Marcus Gronholm close […]

Various Things

First, I survived the commute yesterday. The right combination of clothes makes everything better. Slate’s Chris Suellentrop outlines what the Social Security debate should be about. Today’s Post-Gazette has an interesting piece on Pittsburgh’s third places.

Impending Doom

There are mornings when I just don’t look forward to riding to work. This morning is one of them. I don’t even want to check the weather, because there’s no good news there. I suspect the temperature is hovering just about zero, minus the wind chill. At least the city made the rounds on the […]