Wish List for Next Winter

Year ’round commuting is a learning process, especially when your route varies from year to year. After a snowy and cold winter (which isn’t likely over quite yet), I’ve started to put together a wish list for a proper winter commuter for next season. The Redline Monocog will provide a fine, fine base, but here’s […]

Saturday Ride

Schenley Circuits (17 miles) Kinda cold, kinda wet, kinda snowy. I thought about going to Frick on the Redline, but thought the trails might be a bit of mess thanks to temperatures hovering above freezing. I love (love!) have full fenders on the Cannondale. Slush? No problem. I would have liked to ride a bit […]

Monday Ride

Middle-Saxonburg Loop, again. I missed out on the warm weather yesterday, but I didn’t want to waste a work holiday, so I headed out into the cold and wind. Wind pushed against me on the 62nd Street Bridge, propelled me along Middle, then pushed hard against me along Saxonburg. I was nearly stopped cold on […]

Carrying Stuff, Version 1002

So I found a used CETMA 6 rail rack via the Kogswell list last week. Many moons ago, I thought about a CETMA, but I wasn’t thrilled about the mounting system (basically the same a Wald basket). I though the bar attachment point was just plain ugly. I really liked how the Mark’s Rack looked, […]

Winter, Wherein Character Is Built

Pittsburgh received another round of winter weather yesterday. I awoke to several inches of snow on the ground, including the streets. Not a big deal, I thought, since I have the Monocog. Given the school cancellations, traffic would be light, and the ride might actually be enjoyable. So off I rode. Every street was still […]

About the Weather

If you’re worried about the weather, well, you’ve picked the wrong place to stay. — LCD Soundsystem, “All My Friends” Current temperate, 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius). At least it’s sunny.

Saturday Ride, and the New Ride

Middle-910-Saxonburg A nice, albeit windy ride on the new bike: I like it. It feels quite a bit lighter than the Bianchi, and I think it fits me a bit better. I do, however, miss the compact double cranks. I spent most of this ride in the little ring (39 teeth), but I think the […]

Digging Out

No, not from snow. I only wish. Everyone in the house had the (fever, achy) flu over the last week, starting with me. A good time was had by all. At least it wasn’t the stomach variety, I suppose. I was off the bike for five days, with one day completely off work (I slept […]