Just Like Old Times

(Except with more falling) We climbed at Summersville Lake on Sunday. A fine day was had by all, and it was good to be there with some motivation to actually climb. Some friends were climbing Apollo Reed (5.13a), and Jen and I thought about joining them. I was actually a bit nervous, since I knew […]

Two Days in Rifle

We just returned from two days of climbing at Rifle Mountain Park in western Colorado. It’s been quite some time since we’ve climbed at Rifle (how long, you ask? Long enough that during that visit I sent Vision Thing (5.13a/b) in just a few tries), so it was good to be back. It was great […]

Colorado Ride #4

Today was mostly some random noodling around Erie, CO, trying to connect as many dirt roads as I could. Many of the east-west roads north of Erie are still dirt, so it was fairly easy. Most of them were flat or slightly rolling, and the road beds were in generally condition–not terribly washboarded. It was […]

A New, Old Direction?

Jen and I ditched the kids and spent the afternoon at the Movement Gym in Boulder doing some rock climbing (hey, it was really, really hot outside). I am decidedly not in climbing shape (I fell off 5.10b at the end of the session, and nearly fell of 5.9), but had a very good time. […]

Colorado Ride #3

(Sorry, no map) Rode out toward Boulder, then did a big loop around the old Rock Flats facility. Generally, a nice ride on the plateau below Boulder. A few of the roads (most notably Indiana Street and SR 93) were very traffic-y with no shoulder. Then I lost a contact, which meant I rode about […]

Colorado Ride #2

The plan was do a loop in the open space south of Boulder. The reality was getting lost in the maze that it is Interlocken. As often happens, the difference between Google Maps and the Real World was very different, and it didn’t help matters that every street was named “Interlocken.” I did manage a […]

Colorado Ride #1

Highway 57 Loop Less than twelve hours out of the car, I went for a ride this morning to stretch my legs. I ended up adding about ten miles to the ride when I missed the turn on, umm, Highway 57 (I had Mineral Avenue on my cue sheet). I felt pretty decent, considering two […]

Thought of the Day

This looks far more fun than road racing.