Jibber Jabber

I’ve been neglecting this space again, thanks to a busy work schedule and family visits….. First, a little Rally Turkey wrapup. Seb Loeb won the rally, though he had quite a moment on the very last competitve stage — a wheel bearing on the Xsara seized, and he was forced to crawl to the finish […]

One Day in Turkey

The Rally Turkey started today, and as expected it’s been a rough event, with matters complicated by heavy rains with have turned some of the stages into rivers. Carlos Sainz is the only works driver to have made it through the day unscathed, though all he has to show for it is fourth place. The […]

Taking the Low Road

It’s good to see a left-leaning website point out a few problems with Michael Moore’s latest movie. First up is a scathing critique by that grumpy Englishman Christopher Hitchens. Usually I find Hitchens too pompously verbose, but he points out a few problems with Moore’s conclusions. Next up is an artcle by Jack Shafer pointing […]


I finally bought some new music this week, after a long drought of nothing new except a smattering of downloads. First up, The End is Near from The New Year. The Kadane brothers are fantastic songwriters, a few other bands can create such beautiful music. This is a better release than Newness Ends, in part […]

The Pledge

Slate has a fine article on why the Supreme Court was correct to throw out the Pledge case yesterday on what appeared to be technicalities. It’s interesting how many in the mainstream media (on both sides of the issue) have completed ignored the underlying facts of this case (the custody battle between Newdow and his […]

Back, Again

So I’m working from home again, since I spent the weekend on said back, and I figured one more day might really help. I also went to see my doctor today with the slight hope that he’d offer a prescription to some sort of muscle relaxer. I must not have been cringing in pain enough, […]

Inside Looking Out

Well, thanks to my stupidity, my back flared up again on Friday, and has left me couch-bound this weekend. Despite the appearance of being very lazy, there are few things I hate more than forced inactivity. I can deal with a day or two of it on vacation, but forced inactivity at home is the […]

Sharing the Joy

Despite a still-slightly-sore back, I rode into work this morning, mostly because I was too lazy to fight the navigation on the PAT website to see when the 77F runs. On the way in, at the 62nd Street bridge, a guy rolled up next to me on his bike — “fixed or free?” “Fixed” I […]

Old Age? Stupidity?

Currently, I’m at home (11:15am on 9 June 2004) because I couldn’t go to work today. I’m not sick in the classical sense, but I managed to throw out my back sometime in the past two days, and any movement is difficult. I’m supposed to be working, but that’s hard to do when your co-workers […]


Last night was the “Steel Back the City” alleycat. This time, the race was a true-blue scavenger hunt-style alleycat, with a four page manifest of things to do and stuff to get. Some of the more unique tasks included: * Riding a double-decker bike (homemade) at Free Ride. This was quite exciting, as you needed […]