Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

I rode the Steamroller to work this morning, primarily because the brakes on the Cannondale are in need of adjustment (and I’m just not sure the cheap road levers have enough uumph to handle the cantis). Even with its low 42×18 gearing, I managed to cover the distance in roughly 100 minutes (give or take), […]

Future Plans

Future Plans Originally uploaded by anklebiter_pgh. A Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub, purchased for a song. I’m envisioning a city/stripped down short distance randonneuse, maybe with 650B wheels (I hear Kraynick has a pile of rims upstairs). We will see what the future holds.


Rod Dreher has written a bit on this essay by Paul Weyrich and William Lind concerning the future of Conservatism in the United States. The essay is interesting, and the authors clearly see where Conservatism has gone wrong in recent years, but their ideas also show what I believe to be the limitations of traditionalism, […]

The Rough Ride

I’ve done the new commute three times now. As providence would have it, those three days coincided with the worst of the weather for the past two weeks. Yesterday was a bit of watershed, I think, raising the bar of my tolerance for hideous conditions to new heights. In the first seven miles of the […]

End of the Road

This evening marked my final ride home from the office in Allison Park. Fittingly, it was just starting to snow, though it was warm, at least compared to last week’s frigid spell, and the air was calm. The warm and stillness contributed to a good feeling in my legs, something that has been absent for […]

Another Technical Note

If you use an RSS reader to keep tabs on this or any other part of anklebiter.net, you should update your links. I’m just sayin’.

Understanding Technology

Rosie Perera, writing in Comment, examines the relationship between faith and technology in her essay “Loving Technology, Loving God.” She is an unabashed technophile, and she explains how this love can co-exist with, and be fed by, her love of God. Much of what she writes resonates with me, as we share vocation (programmer). I […]

Starting Again

After botching a downgrade at our web host, we were no longer able to use Movable Type for managing the site. Not a terrible problem to have, except without access to the manager, I couldn’t export our content. I was able to get MT running on a laptop at home, so I restored our database, […]


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