Just looking at this makes my knees hurt….

More on The Passion

Gregg Easterbrook, as usual, provides an interesting take on the new Mel Gibson flick.

News and Notes

Lots of little, diverse items this morning…. First, we got word at the office from our employers that our group will not be moving from downtown. Woo hoo. In fact, since we have some extra offce space, Ciber may move a few folks into our space. Other work news — I was just given a […]

Where the Christian Right Went Wrong

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve begun to rethink some of my political positions in the light of re-reading the Gospels. What I’ve found so far has shaken the foundation of some of my political beliefs (again, as I’ve mentioned before). This change in thinking has afforded me some interesting conversations with friends about my faith […]

Taste of Spring

What a fine, fine morning. I wasn’t going to ride to work today, as my knees weren’t happy with my slightly different ride home last night (I tried to minimize the hill on Stanton by cutting up and across some side streets, but left me with a short and very steep climb that I stupidly […]

Political Compass

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my political compass — which side of the aisle I’m sitting on. I’m not going to say much about that right now, mostly because I’ve been working on a longer post on the subject, but this post by Gregg Easterbrook on his New Republic blog really got me […]

Cold Scorchin’ Again

I discovered this morning it is actually possible to be overdressed for the ride to work when the windchill is below zero. Here’s the shortlist of what I was wearing: * Dufold longjohns * Tights over longjohns * Cotton pants over tights * Neoprene shoe covers * Expedition weight top * Second expedition weight top […]

House News

Just a little update on the progress with the new house….the home inspection turned up a few minor issues, and we gave the sellers a letter outlining what we wanted them to take care of — and they agreed. So, as long as the interest rates don’t spike (there’s a clause in the sales agreement […]

Subversion Part II

In case you need more proof that Jesus was all about subverting the state of things in the world, take a look at Matthew 20:1-16. This passage doesn’t sound very conservative to me — in fact, it sounds downright socialist.

Swedish Rally Wrapup

Sebastien Loeb has made history by winning the 2004 Swedish Rally — he is the first non-Scandinavian to win the event. In addition, Loeb is the first driver to win the Rallye Monte Carlo and Sweden back-to-back. Thanks to the consecutive wins, Loeb has staked himself a seven point lead in the championship race with […]