I signed up for the Wildernes 101 today, so I suppose I shall be “racing” come 26 July. I intend to treat this like an off-road brevet, and my goal at this point will be to finish in under eleven hours. I will spend the next two months considering any upgrades to the Monocog. Many […]

Saturday Ride

Mount Troy Loop plus random noodling. One of the founders of the company where I work recently purchased a used ‘cross bike (same model as mine, interestingly enough), and finally had the time in his travel schedule to get out for a ride (he lives and works in Scotts Valley). I rolled down to the […]

Parsing Princeton, and What the Future Holds

The results were released for the Princeton brevet, and I finished in 10:39 (along with four other riders). What I thought was the lead group finished in 10:19 (four of them as well), and two other riders finished in 9:49. The 10:19 group must have done quite a bit of lolly-gagging at the controles, since […]

CSA Scramble

Over the weekend, I received an email explaining that due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, Mildreds’ Daughters’ Urban Farm would not be able to provide CSA shares this season. Sad news indeed. We scrambled, and found that the Penn’s Corner Alliance CSA still had shares available for the summer, and they had several pick-up locations […]

Princeton 200k Brevet Report

Today was the Princeton 200k Brevet, running out of, umm, Princeton, and looping north and south and finishing back in Princeton. I was a bit apprehensive about the ride, and the reasons were many–it was out of town, it was really hilly, and, oh yeah, it would be the longest ride I’ve done. But off […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval (Wherein I am Not Fast)

The “C” races (that is, category 4 and 5) began this evening at the Oval, and in the interest of making my USA Cycling worth it, I rolled down to give it a try. The pain would be limited (no more than 30 laps–15 miles), so what was there to lose? Most of my pride […]

Saturday Ride

Brush Creek Cemetery This time I made it. I waffled about trying this again, as I am really not at all familiar with the area the ride covers. Then, with the Princeton Brevet looming in the distance, I thought pushing the boat out a bit in uncharted territory might not be a bad idea. The […]

On Food, and the Future

Holly at Hen Waller has written a fantastic post about the growing effects of rising energy prices on food production. (If you unfamiliar with Hen Waller, Holly and Patrick, Oregonians, are involved in a free range chicken/egg co-operative in Portland, and they have committed themselves to the 100 mile diet.) I worry for all of […]

Saturday Ride

Brush Creek Cemetery, Aborted So, if you choose to do this route, do not follow my cue sheet, as it is completely and totally wrong. The map is correct, but apparently I read “Ravine” as “River,” and River Street does not, despite my best efforts to find it, exist in Braddock. So I rode the […]