Race Report: Murrysville Cyclocross

Yesterday, around 3:00 PM, I was regretting my decision to ride Murrysville instead of the Dirty Dozen. Saturday was clear and pleasant, with temperatures in the mid 40s. The forecast for Sunday was cold, rain, and wind. A proper introduction to ‘cross, I suppose. I left for Joe’s house around 8:15 AM, we put the […]

Adventures in Commuting

So this week marked the first cold weather commuting of the season. Conditions included snow flurries and even showers at times. The roads weren’t terribly slick, save for a few spots yesterday morning (I had to bypass the hill out of Morningside on Hampton). I have been curious how the various bits on the Novara […]

Friday Ride

So I decide to skip the Dirty Dozen, and what do I do? Sycamore->Welsh->Barry/Holt/Eleanor->Flowers/Tesla + some random steep hill in Greenfield. At least my power will be up, right?

A Change of Heart

So I think I’ve officially changed my mind about doing the Dirty Dozen. In it’s place, I’m going to do the Murrysville cyclocross race. Yes, I skipped out on every single ‘cross practice this fall, and I’ve riding Dirty Dozen hills religiously for the last three months, but it comes down to this–there will be […]

More Neighborhood News

The Bulldog Grill is opening in the spring, just across the street from the new coffeehouse. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, I looked at their projected menu, which emphasizes their desire to use as many local ingredients as possible in all of their dishes. I can’t wait.

The Dentist

So one of my molars was chipped, and this was causing some pain, so I went to the dentist. Whee. After 18(!) X-rays (here, let me jam this big piece of plastic in the back of your mouth, m’kay?) and a cleaning (it may pinch a bit as I use this sharp pick against your […]

The Dirty Dozen–Early Scheming

So we’re about three weeks away from the big event. During most of my training rides, there’s a point where I think “why am I doing this?” but I’ll be at the Oval for the start. So, below is my early plan for approaching the hills: Center Avenue: First hill. I’d like to position myself […]

Staying Home

From “The Most Radical Thing You Can Do by Rebecca Solnit: For the privileged, the pleasure of staying home means being reunited with, or finally getting to know, or finally settling down to make the beloved place that home can and should be, and it means getting out of the limbo of nowheres that transnational […]