Saturday Ride

Dirty dozen “training:” High/Seavey->Logan->Suffolk/Hazelton/Burgess->Sycamore->Barry/Holt/Eleanor I would have done Welsh, but I couldn’t remember where it is. I didn’t quite know where Berry was, either, but I managed to find it, as I knew it was off Josephine. Aside from feeling horrible on the hills themselves, I felt good, and would have liked to do Welsh […]

Cycling News

So a certain Texan is going to return to PRO cycling. Bully for him. He wants to win another Tour de France, ostensibly for cancer research, but more likely because he’s watched a handful of riders who he routinely crushed win in his absence. I don’t have particularly strong feelings about Armstrong. Maybe he doped, […]

Redline Changes and Shakedown

From Bikes I installed the Origin8 flared drops on the Redline (since I purchased a set of Tektro levers that would work with the V-brakes) today. There it is. Note the various other high tech bits: Awesome high rise steel stem. I await the day the shonky weld breaks and I pull a George Hincapie […]

Saturday Ride

Hills. Center->Ravine->Berryhill. Humid and rainy. There was, umm, moss growing on Berryhill, so that was interesting.

Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

This is the way the racing season ends…. The last race at the Oval was canceled due to a lack of riders. I will say the crowd that gathered put us right on the cusp, numbers-wise, but honestly, I’m glad we didn’t race. The group included the full spectrum of abilities, and I sensed that […]

The Story of My Life

Kinda sorta.

Tour de Strongland

Today was the Tour de Strongland road race. I waffled a bit about what race to enter–it’s a citizen’s race, not sanctioned by the USAC, so the categories were not the typical category 4/5, 1/2/3. After speaking with a few people, I decided that the 20 mile, intermediate road race, would be the best fit. […]

Bill Kauffman

I have precious little to say about the upcoming elections, and I am not a supporter of Ron Paul, but I can very much appreciate what Bill Kauffman has to say. And be sure watch part two. Note that the few first minutes of Kauffman’s speech are garbled. It gets better, I promise.

Novara Fusion Review

One week ago, I picked up a Novara Fusion on close-out at the local REI. $550, over two hundred dollars off, thanks to a clearance sale and the fact it was a returned model with a missing bulb in one of the headlights (more on this later). With the sale of the Steamroller and a […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval

The points series is over, and attendance dropped considerably. I think we had twenty people in the start grid. No real motors there, either, but several people who would contest the sprint. I wondered who would spend a lot of time at the front…. After my positional mistakes last week, I started at the front […]