Gone Flat

As I was riding home last night, enjoying the warm-ish winter twilight, I flatted around 28th and Smallman Streets. No problem, I thought. I hopped off my bike, walked up to the sidewalk, and got to work. As I dug through my took pouch, I noticed I was missing two key components of this pit […]

Misplaced Efforts?

It seems some geeks and tech-heads have banded together to help restore internet connectivity to areas hit by the tsunami. While this sounds noble, isn’t it true that the people most effected by the tsunami and the earthquake are least likely to have been connected (as in connected to the internet) in the first place? […]

Speaking of Public Intellectuals…

Given the amount of discussion generated on Gideon Strauss‘ site about the concept of public intellectuals, I find it fitting to mention Christopher Hitchens’ eulogy to Susan Sontag, public intellectual, who passed away this week.

Christians Fighting for Liberty (of all kinds)

Christian lawyers in the ACLU? This is interesting, and presents a potential dilemma for Christian lawyers. I guess my first question would be — can a Christian work at the ACLU and work strictly within the religious liberty department? I assume there could be cases would could require a Christian to work for something that […]


The news coming from Asia about the amount of destruction caused by a tsunami is staggering. Slate had this bit of information this morning: The Los Angeles Times online initially used the term “tidal waves” (as did TP), but as the Wall Street Journal explains in a tsunami Q&A, these waves weren’t caused by tides. […]

New Music

Challenger Excellent electro-noise pop.

Reforming Capitalism

Reading: Capitalism and Progress by Bob Goudzwaard. The book traces the foundations of capitalism through the philosophical trends beginning with the Renaissance. I’m not through the book yet, so: a) don’t ruin it for me. b) if I assume too much on the part of Goudzwaard, don’t be too upset at me. What has been […]


I’ve always enjoyed reading Ludwig Wittgenstein. I spent several years at school focusing on him and his theories (and how they related to theology) — due mostly to my advisor’s interest in him — and I read and re-read his work periodically. Today I found this entry on a Crooked Timber contributor’s site, and realized […]

Geek-Specific Humor

GridBag If you’ve never done Java GUI programming circa 1999, don’t even bother clicking on the link — you won’t get it. Otherwise, enjoy.

Many Things

Lately I’ve been unmotivated to write in the space. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about things (there’s been plenty of fodder provided by Gideon Strauss), it’s that I haven’t had the time or motivation to write coherent responses to those things. I have been collecting a reading list, however, and hopefully I’ll make […]