Closer and Closer

Sitting on our dining room table is a contract signed both by us and seller’s of the house we’d like to buy. The wheels are turning now, and if all goes well, we’ll be moving in April 24. There’s much to do between then and now — home inspections, mortgages, insurance — but the deal […]

Cold Scorchin’ and Other Things

I finally decided I was sick of waiting for the bus endlessly, so I rode in this morning. Now that I’m downtown, I’m riding on all main roads (Stanton to Butler to Penn to Grant), so everything was wet or even dry in spots. It was a bit chilly and windy, but still bearable. And […]

Seb Sighting

The boy seems to have snuck out again, and this time he wasn’t going to be satisfied with some piddly waterslide….

I, for One, Welcome My New Robot Masters

(with apologies to jwz) Ciber Acquires FullTilt Solutions After three wonderful days of employment, I’m now an employee of Ciber. According to management, nothing is going to change for us, since we all work on profitable projects for large clients. There’s obviously a lot of grumbling in the office, and people are concerned, but I’ve […]

Rallye Monte Carlo Wrapup

As expected, Sebastien Loeb won his second consecutive Monte with a commanding win over Ford’s Markko Martin and Francois Duval. Marcus Gronholm held fourth place, one his best finishes in the rally. Two big surprises: Freddy Loix took fifth, and Gilles Panizzi, in the new Mitsubishi Lancer took sixth. Perhaps Peugeot’s signing of Loix wasn’t […]

Rallye Monte Carlo Day 2

Not much has changed in the top 4 after day two in Monte Carlo. Sebastien Loeb has extended his lead, and he now holds an advantage of over a minute and half. Ford’s David Duval and Markko Martin will fight it out for second place tomorrow, with Duval currently holding a slim lead. Marcus Gronholm […]

House Update

Just an update on the house negotiations. We did receive a counteroffer from the owners, and we’re now formulating our counter. We’re getting pretty close on price, it’s just a few little things (seller assist on the closing costs, and some details of the home inspections) that we need to hammer out. Who knows, maybe […]

Rallye Monte Carlo Day 1

Well, after four stages, the new Peugeot 307 looks to be a fine successor for the 206. Marcus Gronholm currently leads the rally by 8 seconds over Sebastien Loeb and 11 seconds over Ford’s Markko Martin. Each of the three has taken a stage win so far. The conditions have been typical Monte — snow […]

Random Things

First post from the new job…. Two interesting politic tidbits this morning: First, a radio interview with Dick Cheney on NPR, mostly focusing on the war with Iraq and the administration’s motivation for it. One thing Cheney repeated: we’re just following up what the Clinton administration started — regime change in Iraq. Hmmm. Go figure […]

A Fresh Start

I start the new job today. This should be a nice switch. I’ve always enjoyed working for small companies, but my last job gave me some valuable insight — the small company atmosphere doesn’t work at all when people don’t get along. Not that I’m going to a huge corporation now, but I will be […]