Weekly Climbing Motivation

Careless Torque 8a @ Stanage Plantation from Wild Country on Vimeo.

A Bit of History

That is Jancey Street, in 1908. Those kids are standing basically right in front of what will be our home in two years. Photo via the Historic Pittsburgh Collection.

Heavy Rotation

Yes, it’s been awhile. Swim – Caribou The Shepard’s Dog – Iron & Wine The Orchard – Ra Ra Riot Neon Bible – Arcade Fire The Rhumb Line – Ra Ra Riot

Weekly Climbing Motivation (Again)

We are now the proud parents of a Beastmaker 2000 Series hangboard. I, for one, am excited, and in the finest British tradition, I will hole myself in my basement on a nice day to hang from my fingertips. I’m pleasantly surprised by the selection of grips on the board. I’ll probably still re-hang the […]

Weekly Climbing Motivation

The Archives Trailer from Increasing The Calibre on Vimeo. Mmmm….grit.