Spinning, Again

More silence here. It should end sooner rather than later. Consulting work has been keeping me busy in the early mornings and late evenings, and I haven’t had much time to write, though there’s plenty to think about. I’ve promised a few folks a long-ish entry taking account of my current political leanings, but that […]

The Joy of Food

We love to eat. When asked why I ride my bike so much, I usually respond “so I can eat more,” and I’m not kidding. I’m also a big fan of the preparation of food. There is something creative, and relaxing, about preparing a meal, even for a large group. Perhaps I should have been […]

I Can Relate to This

James Brink is having blogging issues.

Random Notes

To celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary last night, Jen and I had dinner at Cafe du Jour (review here) in the South Side. Excellent. The tiny storefront has a small, walled courtyard in the back, complete with trees, ivy, a pond, and a foundation. The food was fantastic, and quite inexpensive. Folks have been inquiring […]

Conservatism in the Guise of Liberalism

(Hat tip: Eli) The Denver Post ran this editorial that provides a glimpse into the future and what we, as consumers, can do to change that future. The basic premise? Energy use by Americans will continue to rise, and the energy industry (as well as the environment) will struggle to keep up. The solution? Well, […]

Christian Music

Crooked Timber has an interesting discussion going on about Christian music. While most of the drivel that comes out of the Christian recording industry is beaten to a bloody pulp, I’m happy to see Pedro the Lion, Sufjan Stevens, and, most interestingly, the New Pantagruel given positive reviews.