This is the Green River Coffee Company, in Green River, Utah. We needed lunch, but didn’t want to do the typical Subway/gas station food. As we cruised Main Street in Green River, this place caught my eye, and we decided to take a chance on it (I figured the worst case scenario was a single […]

The (Really) Long Road Home, Plus Random Thoughts

We are at a hotel in western Ohio. Yes, tantalizing close to home, but it’s late enough that pushing on would be silly. We meant to camp on the way back, but rain in Kansas, and thunderstorms in Ohio, have kept us in hotels. Hey, we roughed it for two weeks, so we can afford […]

Maple Canyon Photos

From Summer Road Trip 2012

SLC Rest Day

I’m currently at Rose’s Laundry, your typical college-town laundromat nestled at the foot of the university campus. This is our second rest day in Salt Lake City, and it is decidedly nicer than the first. Last week, we came to town with a cold front that ended up dumping snow in the mountains and kept […]

Brief Maple Update

We’re in Salt Lake City, escaping a cold front passing through Maple (no, we[1] didn’t bring enough warm clothing), so here’s a brief update. Jen and I have both hit our stride on the cobbles. I cleaned up some unfinished lines on the Minimum Wall (Space Lord (5.12c), and Functional Idiot (5.12b)), and onsighted Sweet […]

Maple (Canyon)

We are out west again, this time in Maple Canyon, Utah, rock climbing for two weeks. We’re doing routes this year, at the behest of our friends in Arizona, who couldn’t swing a trip to Hueco Tanks earlier in the spring. For those that don’t know, Maple has a rather unique geology–massive, arching walls of […]