History, Rewritten

Wherein I am given credit for bringing fixed gear bicycles to Pittsburgh. I’m not sure if I should be honored, or offended that I was also said to a recumbent rider.

Saturday Ride, or Not

I seem to have picked up a chest cold. Hopefully it won’t morph into something more evil. Of course, it’s actually nice outside right now, too. Why can’t it snow or something?

Talking Points

Team kit has arrived. As soon as I get over my profound laziness I’ll post a picture. I am faithfully committed to using the Cannondale for the rest of the season. I *heart* that bike. It’s also been quite nice to run full fenders and stay (relatively) dry. I will likely get a second set […]

Monday Ride

3 hills: Guys Run->Locust Hill->Rich Hill I wanted to link in Cove Run and Mill Dam, but they were snow covered. Rich Hill is pretty darn steep at the bottom. It was chilly, but I think I hit the clothing matrix just right: Bib shorts Knee warmers Windproof tights 2 pairs wool socks Shoe covers […]

Friday Ride

Out Saxonburg, back on Dorseyville. 20-ish miles. Yeah, not long, but what felt like a solid effort. Conditions were pretty decent, albeit windy, which wasn’t a bad thing.

Commuting, and More Goal Navel Gazing

So after riding most of my commute yesterday in the lower end of the Novara’s gear range, thanks to a broken shifter, I managed to futz with it enough to move it into some sort of friction shifting mode.* This was a good and bad thing. Good because, hey, it actually kinda worked, and bad […]

Goals, Or Not

I was chatting with a friend/team mate about Power Taps and heart rate monitors and all sorts of other doo-dads to collect cycling metrics. I have been mildly tempted by Power Taps, but thankfully their cost will serve as a serious deterrent. I still, sometimes, feel the need to quantify things and track things. It’s […]

Weekend Riding, and Commuting

Yah. Nice weather. Two days of riding over the weekend, in the great outdoors. Saturday was a trip up Guys Run with other random hill noodling, and Sunday was Rollercoaster. The last rise on McCully is really steep. I wrote off my difficulty last time to the 39×23 low gear on the Bianchi, but even […]