Mingo Creek Road Race #1 Report

This is not conducive to a good race result: From Bikes I dropped my chain on the second climb. I quickly shifted it back on to the chainring, but apparently DESTROYED my front derailleur in the process. Six months of waiting, 30 minutes of warming up in the cold rain, five minutes of racing. Sweet. […]

Friday Ride

Middle->Bairdford->Saxonburg A fine day for a ride. Middle Road Extension is in fine shape, I tell you. Very easy to imagine you’re cruising along some cow path in Northern Belgium. Bairdford Road is less than pleasant between Bairdford and Saxonburg–huge potholes and no shoulder. Saxonburg was headwind-packed, as usual. Good training for Sunday, I suppose. […]

…and made mischief of one kind and another…

(via Peter Suderman)

Cognitive Dissonance

Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture v. a White House garden “to educate children about healthful, locally grown fruit and vegetables at time when obesity has become a national concern.”

Doing Business the Old Fashioned Way

Today, the boys and I met Joe Rush, owner and keeper of Rush Acres Farm. Via the Eating Local Pittsburgh mailing list, I discovered that Joe (who raises cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and sheep) makes deliveries to the city twice a month. I contacted him (via email and everything!), and after a nice chat, I […]

Thursday Night Ride

Team Caffeine Rode with the Tazza d’Oro bunch this evening, since I worked from home and spent the afternoon at the park with the boys. A fine loop. Marzolf Road wasn’t too bad, but Geyer felt horrible. Thank goodness Mingo only has 500 feet of climbing per lap. I managed to stay on Stuart’s wheel, […]

All in the Name of Work

I am currently in bug fix mode for our current project, which involves, in part, one device communicating with another device via a WiFi connection. One test case involves moving the client device out of range of the “server” device’s WLAN radio while data is being transferred. Execution of this test includes initiating a connection […]

Tuesday Ride

I couldn’t sit idly while the weather was so good, so I went out for a lunch time Dirty Dozen hills ride with a few folks. Sycamore, Welsh, Berry/Holt/Eleanor. Sycamore felt fine. I tried to keep the effort manageable, and did okay, though I did stall a bit on the ramp before the hairpin. Welsh […]

Friday Ride

Middle Road and North A fine day for a ride–mid 40s, sunny, headwinds. The bike is in desperate need of maintenance–the bottom bracket creaks, the chain is getting a fine coating of rust, and my rear derailleur pulleys sound like I have a nest of baby birds sitting on the rear wheel. If all goes […]

Racing Season…

is upon us. The Mingo Creek series (site of my auspicious entry into the world of bicycle racing) begins on 29 March. The series runs on 5 and 19 April as well. The Morgantown Road Race (which is run in Pennsylvania, but, whatever) is 11 April, and racing at the Oval begins on 8 April. […]