More on Gasoline Confusion

Slate‘s Jacob Weisburg details the political hypocrisy (from both sides of the aisle) following the latest rise in oil prices. He notes that Republicans are currently questioning free market principles (ordering an investigation into price gouging, despite the fact an investigation last year turned up nothing but good old capitalism was at work) while Democrats […]

Rallycat Pittsburgh

Do you get the sense I’m making up for two weeks without a post? I will be organizing another alleycat, in conjunction with this summer’s Bike Fest, the Rallycat Pittsburgh. I’m trying something different this time, a longer distance race, where I’ll release the manifest in the weeks before the event, giving participants plenty of […]

Things to Read

The journal Comment has been running a series on the merits, or lack thereof, of Neocalvinism. Dan Knauss, of the New Pantagruel, says no to the movement, and his criticisms, especially regarding the rather thin ecclesiology of many members of the movement, are worth reading. Jamie Smith, of Radical Orthodoxy fame, says maybe to Neocalvinists […]

Not Making the Connection

President Bush announced that the government will investigate the possibility of price-gouging by oil companies and offer a plan to cut fuel costs. Most interestingly, in the same speech, Bush said: Our addiction to oil is a matter of national security concern…[The U.S. should] follow suit on what we have been emphasizing, particularly through the […]

Caffeinator 2006 Photos

Dave provided these shots taken outside Tazzo d’Oro in Highland Park (though, since he’s in many of the photos, I’m not sure who actually shot them).

Ivan Illich on Tradition

I live also with a sense of profound ambiguity. I can’t do without tradition, but I have to recognize its institutionalization is the root of an evil deeper than any evil I could have known with my unaided eyes and mind.

The Caffeinator

The race went off without much trouble today. The day started cloudy and a bit on the cold side (which reminded me that, perhaps, I should have a picked a spring classics theme, featuring the worst cobbles the city has, in honor of the Tour of Flander and Paris-Roubaix), and I absoutely froze at the […]

More on the Ronde

Winner Tom Boonen had this to say about the state of the Koppenberg: It is an extreme hill because there are no cobblestones on it. Certainly not on the last part, there they just threw a few rocks together. There are gaps of more than twenty centimetres between those stones. If someone falls between them, […]


I rode what I thought would be a best-route scenario for next weekend’s alleycat today. While I’ve been happy with the layout we’ve selected, and the checkpoints that made the final cut, I was secretly worried the course would be too redundant to be any fun. Turns out it’s not. My navigation covered just over […]


If you’re a cycling fan, you wait for April all year. While the month of July often steals headlines here in the States because of the Tour de France, April is loaded with classic, notorious single day races. These are not races for the faint of heart, and most of the grand tour riders avoid […]