A call from the optometrist, to tell me several orders of contact lenses had arrived, was enough of an excuse to leave work an hour early and enjoy what is the first true day of spring–sun, blue skies, and temperatures in the upper 60s. It’s been this warm already this year, but this day has […]

From Here

I’ve been working on a rather long post about the question raised by Rod Dreher on the Crunchy Con blog–where do we go from here? Then Frederica Mathewes-Green posted this, distilling the answer perfectly: And I think the best way to change a culture is to seed it with holy people. I think what’s made […]

Sporting News

Basketball. Since Pitt has let me down (again) in the NCAA tournament, I’ve only been passively interested. I am, however, happy to see Ben Howland’s UCLA Bruins in the Final Four. Howland resurrected the Pitt program several years ago (and his successor Jamie Dixon has followed his blueprint for success, though not in the NCAA […]


Slate‘s Field Maloney has examined the dark secrets of organic produce at Whole Foods. First, despite what is advertised, the bulk of the produce at any given store is not locally grown. Thus the thoughtful consumer is faced with a quandry–buy organic (which is arguably better for you and the enviromnent) or buy local (which […]

More Crunchy Fun

I’ve been meaning to write more about the book (really), but I just haven’t found the time. I do, however, think it’s worth noting this exchange between Rod Dreher and John Podhoretz on the Crunchy Con blog. JPod begins: Frederica complains that nobody wants to live in Old Charleston anymore because they’d prefer spanking new […]

The Caffeinator

Registration begins at 1:00PM, Mellon Park. $5 to enter. Race starts at 2:00PM. Poster by Eli.

The Cat is Out of the Bag

It’s official. I’m co-organizing an alleycat, the Caffeinator, for April 8. The theme? A tour of local independent coffeehouses. The distance will be in the neighborhood of 12-18 miles, depending on where we start and finish (these things are still under consideration). More information will be posted as I have it.

The French on Marriage

Via Caleb Stegall on the Crunchy Con blog. French government commission rejects same-sex marriage.

Crunchy Cons, Continued

I managed to get through most of the book this past weekend, and I was surprised by my overall reaction. While I find myself nodding in agreement with many of Dreher’s crunchy “sensibilities,” I was uncomfortable when presented with such a list. In many ways, we as a family adher to the crunchy manifesto, but […]