Wednesday Night at the Oval

Tonight’s goal was relatively simple–break my streak of not finishing a race. I sure that nothing would break or fall off my bicycle during the 35 laps. Quite a large group to start, at least 30, I think, with several strong teams in attendance. I assumed I would spend most of my time firmly planted […]

Spreading the Word

In case you don’t track other areas of this website, Jen has officially completed her work toward an MFA in Creative Non-fiction from Chatham. She has posted the table of contents of the manuscript, too.

Straddling the Fence

I’m with Ira Ryan: i am a cyclist that loves to ride and train and will happily ride all day and all night, but something about the race face is hard for me to get. i buckle under the silly stress of all the serious looks and nervousness at the line. it is hard for […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

(or, Mechanical Man) We’ll keep this short and sweet. Seven laps to go, my chain breaks(!) coming out of turn four. This makes it difficult to pedal the bicycle. I am now 3 for 6 (.500) as far as completing races. I hope I get this average up a bit.

Mingo Creek Road Race #3 Report

Finally, some nice weather for a race. The invivodata team actually had some numbers here, with four of us in the start grid. We didn’t have much of a plan, besides John perhaps getting into a breakway. I was still feeling the lingering effects of a chest cold, so I didn’t have high hopes to […]

Dirty Hippies

From Random Stuff That’s our new car. Yes, it’s a van. Yes, we all can sleep in it. No, we don’t drive around with the top extended like that. The Focus will be sold, hopefully this week (though I will, however, take advantage of our brief stay in the land of two car families by […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

Another fine spring evening–windy, cloudy, cool, drizzly. Another 20 or so riders showed up, with Iron City missing two of their motors, which could be Good Thing for the rest of us. The pace was reasonable at first, with a couple of different people going off the front at various points, but the group was […]

Rivendell and the Myth of Marketing

There’s been quite the kerfuffle on the BOB mailing list over the cost of Rivendell‘s two newest, Taiwanese-built framesets, the Sam Hillborne and the Betty Foy. The comments are a mix of outrage (how can they charge so much for a factory-made bike!) to cult-ish defense (Rivendell is doing you a favor by selling these […]

The Hell of the North

Paris-Roubaix, the queen of the spring classics, runs tomorrow. I won’t venture a guess at who may win, though I think Tom Boonen has the best chance of making his luck and pulling off the win. I will, however, list a few guys who I would like to see win tomorrow: George Hincapie: The guys, […]

So Goes Morgantown

My intention was to race in Morgantown this weekend, but a chest cold seems to have gotten the best of me. The thought of dragging myself over 3500+ feet of climbing over nearly 50 miles just doesn’t sound like fun at the moment. Oh well. Secretly, I may be a bit relieved. Hopefully I have […]