Tuesday Night at the Oval

After very warm, humid weather earlier in the day, the evening brought cool air and strong winds. Strong winds. The headwind on the back straight was going to make for a long evening, especially if (no, when) I got dropped from the group. After a few warm up laps, we lined up at the start/finish […]

Why I May Have Been Slow on Tuesday Night

C Race Results (Cat 4 & 5) B Race Results (Cat 3 & 4 ) The winner of the C race finished in 40:15; the winner of the B race in 42:03. Average lap time for the Cs was 1:08, and 1:12 for the Bs. Ugh. Here’s hoping the new Ultegra STI levers help me […]

Tuesday Night Take-aways

In the interest of actually getting better at the Oval on Tuesday nights, I will begin to compile little “what I learned” lists after the race. So here’s what I learned on 20 May 2008: I need to shift more. Problem areas are the back straight and coming into the front straight. I tend to […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval (Wherein I Am Still Not Fast)

In the interest of maintaining (and maybe gaining) fitness for the Wilderness 101, I headed down to the Oval for another round of suffering in the C race (because what’s the best way to train for a 100 mile mountain bike race? Riding around a flat oval for 45 minutes, of course!). I really had […]

Friday Ride, and California Bound

Two hours in Frick on the Redline. Lots of climbing, and I found some (new-to-me) singletrack, including a few drops I wasn’t willing to take, at least at this point. This was more of a shakedown for the Monocog, since it hasn’t been ridden since being used a snow bike this winter. I apparently need […]