Saturday Ride

Mount Troy Loop plus random noodling.

One of the founders of the company where I work recently purchased a used ‘cross bike (same model as mine, interestingly enough), and finally had the time in his travel schedule to get out for a ride (he lives and works in Scotts Valley). I rolled down to the corporate apartment in the South Side in the morning with a plan to do the Mount Troy loop. As usual I usually do when taking a non-local for a ride, I stressed about the route. I initially considered coming across town to do a Saxonburg/Middle loop, but decided against the extra mileage. Another thought was to head to South Park, but given I’ve never ridden out there, and my navigation skills have proven to be less than sharp, I kept thinking. The Mount Troy loop is enjoyable, and close, and relatively free of heavy traffic. So off we went.

I thought things were going pear-shaped rather quickly when we found the lower flanks of Spring Garden Road to be stripped of tarmac and awaiting resurfacing. At least his bike had cross tires. The surface wasn’t horrible, and once out of the city limits and into Reserve Township, the smooth tarmac returned and we climbed. I figured this particular hill would be a good introduction to a “classic” climb in the city (as opposed to Dirty Dozen silliness), and the rollers on Mount Troy Road an example of the rolling ridges. As an added bonus, our famous always-a-headwind breeze was blowing stiffly. Soon enough we were descending into Riverview park, and we cruised around there for a bit before bombing down Perrysville Avenue (really, worst descent ever, thanks to the GAPING holes in the road surface). We both had some time to spare, so we headed up the Jail Trail and into Schenley Park (I figured this could be a nice after work loop for him the next time he’s in town). After a road loop, we did a loop on the trails (which, coincidentally, were in better condition than Perrysville). Dirt is fun, especially on a road bike. We split up in Junction Hollow to head home, and when I got to Morningside the computer registered 42 miles. Not a bad day at all.

Next up: more suffering and humiliation at the Oval this Tuesday!