New Toy

So soon after we returned from the road trip, I got it in my head that we really needed a motor scooter. It seemed to make sense–several evenings a week, one of us goes out (to the gym, running errands, etc) in the van. Now, I love the EuroVan, but it is not the most fuel efficient vehicle on the block. So, I thought, a scooter might work well. Killer gas mileage, fun to ride, cheap to maintain. The trick then became finding one for the right price. Within a week or so of monitoring Craigslist, a 2005 Honda Metropolitan became available, and within a week, it was ours.

Not actually our scooter, but an exact model

(Not actually our scooter, but identical in every way. I am, apparently, too lazy to actually take a photos of ours.)

So there you have it. Is it fun? Yes, very much so. Fun enough that some days I want to ride it rather than my bike to work. Like today. And the gas mileage? We’ve put roughly 200 miles on the scooter in the past month, and spent roughly $4.50 on gas. Even factoring in registration and insurance, that may actually be cheaper than riding my bike, given the amount of calories I consume.