Brief Maple Update

We’re in Salt Lake City, escaping a cold front passing through Maple (no, we[1] didn’t bring enough warm clothing), so here’s a brief update. Jen and I have both hit our stride on the cobbles. I cleaned up some unfinished lines on the Minimum Wall (Space Lord (5.12c), and Functional Idiot (5.12b)), and onsighted Sweet Peas (5.12a/b) and Afterglow (5.12a). Jen sent 49 (5.12a) and onsighted When Cobbles Fly (5.12a) today, in a fine effort. We have a few more days before we begin the long drive home, so hopefully there will be more good sends to report.

Briefly, Space Lord was great climb requiring a serious effort to complete (aside: despite attempts at laziness, I did redpoint the route hanging the ‘draws). There is a long (20-30 feet) crux section, with little chance for recovery. I struggled mightily, fighting off my lack-of-real-fitness pump, but managed to snatch the send from the jaws of defeat.

We have two or three more days of climbing in the canyon, so expect at least one more update before we arrive in Pittsburgh. Photos may be forthcoming, too.

[1] Where we == me.