Back in the Saddle

After a bit of a long hiatus, I’ve finally decided to be serious about rock climbing again. I haven’t trained since, well, last fall, and my attention had been focused on trail running since last December. Over the last months since the Glacier Ridge race, I’ve realized several things:

  1. I generally enjoy running, but I am far less focused on getting out the door without a goal (that is, a race).
  2. Running in Colorado was a bit of climax in my running this year. Thanks to the hot weather, it’s been really, really hard to get out the door, particularly to hit the trails near our house.
  3. I am not terribly motivated to train for more races this year.
  4. Since we are headed to Hueco Tanks in the late fall, I’d really like to be in shape for that.

So, I’m not finished with running (indeed, I feel as fit as I ever have), but I am ready to turn my attention to climbing again. My current thinking is that I will do the Glacier Ridge race next spring (perhaps trying the 50k), but for now, my focus is on getting strong again for bouldering. Our rain forest-like weather may put a damper on my motivation, but at least we have a better training facility in our cellar these days.

So, in that spirit, let’s roll some motivation….

Daniel Woods – Monkey Wedding 8C from Bearcam Media on Vimeo.