Kids at the Wheel Mill

From The Wheel Mill

So I heard that the Wheel Mill was running a campaign to raise funds to expand their facility, and the price for winter passes for the kids was too hard to pass up.

Through my first few years of high school, I basically spent all of my time on a BMX or freestyle bike. At some point, I even managed to convince my dad to build a quarter pipe (my greatest success there came a skateboard rather than my bike, though). I absolutely loved riding, and was always a bit disappointed that we lived so far away from a BMX track. So, needless to say, I am particularly excited, in a living-vicariously-through-my-kids sort of way, that the kids can ride here, and, more importantly, that they absolutely love it. I had to drag them away last night. I was impressed at what they were willing to try, and that Seb, particularly, was willing to fail, too. We were limited to the warm-up room there (the kids area was closed because of construction), but they had a blast zooming around the course. By the end, they both understood that speed and momentum were good things, and I felt comfortable enough, particularly with Oren, to just let them ride without shadowing them on some of the obstacles.

And, of course, the best news is that we managed to not go to the emergency room.

Now, the looming question is whether I dust off the DB cruiser in the basement and get a pass for myself.