Old Age? Stupidity?

Currently, I’m at home (11:15am on 9 June 2004) because I couldn’t go to work today. I’m not sick in the classical sense, but I managed to throw out my back sometime in the past two days, and any movement is difficult. I’m supposed to be working, but that’s hard to do when your co-workers are hogging the Terminal Services connections, so here I wait for a connection to open.

Anyway, back (heh) to the matter at hand. I think I sprained a muscle in my back two days ago, bending over the gate we have at the base of the stairs to pick up Seb. I was two steps up, and he was leaning against the other side of the gate. Not only was I picking him up without bending at the knees, he was below the level of my feet. Duh. There wasn’t pain immediately, just a dull ache. Then last night, while we had some friends at the house for dinner, the muscles decided to spasm, which I’m guessing is what getting stabbed in the back feels like.

A combination of drugs and ice allowed me sleep alright, but it’s taken more drugs and about five hours for the muscles to loosen up enough for me to get around the house. I feel like a big loser, since I’m home but can do little to help Jen with the boy, since it’s almost impossible for me to pick him up. No lie. Those muscles just aren’t responding at the moment.

So, remember kids, “bend at the knees.”