If Bill Says So….

Clinton Urges Nation to Support Bush

I think this is good advice. I didn’t want to see this come to war as much as the next person, but now that we’re there, we better get the job done. And regardless of what you think, you should support the troops. I know that sounds like silly flag-waving patriotism, but these people are putting themselves in harm way for a greater cause. Again, I don’t necessarily agree with the cause (or at least the course of action that led up the war), but I’m not going to criticize people for risking their lives.

If Bush (for some odd reason) decided to back down now, what would that do? Do you think it would make Iraq more willing to talk to the UN? Doubtful. Iraq would do everything possible to become a stronger, deadlier nation. Think North Korea. To hear that someone like Koffi Anon wants the coalition forces to leave Iraq just leaves me speechless. Does he really believe that? Did he not think through the consequences? Does he think Iraq would suddenly befriend the United Nations because they stuck up for him? Please.