These Days

As Jen has noted, we have our hands full with the boys. Things are slowly, ever so slowly, rounding the corner though, as Oren is coming closer to having a bit of schedule for the evening hours, which maximizes our sleep. Sebastien, for all his cuteness, is a dog ever-straining at his leash, testing his limits (and ours). The best cure for such behaviour is activity, but given the season, and the fixed number of hours in a day, it can be challenging to administer. Having a toddler lulls a parent into complacency–yes, he is a lot of work, but he is also striking out on his own, content to “build” things with his tools quietly, or run around the living room playing hockey with a nerf ball and an attachment from the vacuum cleaner. It’s a bit of a shock to realize an infant isn’t this way. Babies actually cry. And need to be held. Who knew? Jen relayed a discussion she had with a neighbor who just gave birth to her third kid, and she shared our shock and awe at her baby’s behaviour. “I don’t remember this,” seems a popular refrain. Of course, journals jog memories, and we realize, yes, this is how it was.

No matter. It’s what we signed up for. Yes, we may complain, but not really. We’re only venting. Soon enough we’ll be breaking up wrestling matches (or worse) in the backyard.