Busy Signal

I am currently buried under a mountain of work. Such is life, I suppose. At least I can look forward to a cross country trek in ten days.

There could be much bike riding in my immediate future. If all goes well, I should be at the track races on Friday night at the Oval. If you stop down, I’ll be the guy rubber banding off the back. There are also alleycats on Saturday and Sunday, though I am committed to volunteering for Sunday’s event. I’ve also taken a keen interest in randonneuring, figuring that I am, first of all, too lazy to train for proper racing, and too slow to be any good at it, so why not take part in events where you need to average no more than roughly 10mph to participate. This newfound interest also has me pondering a fall populaire (a sub 100 mile event with a fixed, unmarked course), but more on that when plans become more complete.

And, for your viewing pleasure, below is the cockpit of the Surly, as kitted for the daily commute and longer weekend rides.