Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

I rode the Steamroller to work this morning, primarily because the brakes on the Cannondale are in need of adjustment (and I’m just not sure the cheap road levers have enough uumph to handle the cantis). Even with its low 42×18 gearing, I managed to cover the distance in roughly 100 minutes (give or take), which is only 10 minutes or so worse than the Cannondale (it’s worth noting the headwinds on the Island were relatively stiff this morning). I think I could probably up the gearing to 42×16 and still be fine, given that I was in the saddle for most of the California Avenue climb (and I tend to stand on most ascents). We’ll see how the rise on the McKees Rocks Bridge feels this afternoon. I doubt I’ll get around to adjusting the brakes on the Cannondale in the next few days, so it looks like the Surly will reprise its role as commuter, and I am not terribly upset about this. The bike just fits well.

That said, I may move forward with selling the Cannondale and build up a porteur/randonneuse with the SA speed hub and an old-ish road frame. I’m seeing Albatross bars, my saddlebag, 650B wheels….