A Different Kind of Motivation

For the moment, I have a new favorite blog, Belgium Kneewarmers. While I still cling to a Grant Peterson-esque vision of what a bike should be, I can’t help but dream about having a nice all-around road bike (hmmm, like this?) that I can ride quickly through the hills across the river. Maybe I’ll build up the old Cannondale road frame collecting dust in the basement….

And this video of the finish of the 1985 Paris-Roubaix is priceless. Watch it. And keep in mind that these guys were seven and half hours (and over 150 miles) into the race, and still cranking hard. In the cold and mud. Oh, and yeah, that’s Greg Lemond, taking it to Sean Kelly and managing 4th place. Yeah, Lance Armstrong won four more Tours than Lemond, but he avoided the Classics like the Plague. Lemond took 4th, in hideous (read: normal) conditions, the first time he finished the race. Awesome.