Sunday Ride, and Surly Changes

City wandering. No map, since it wouldn’t really be worth it. Over Stanton Avenue, into town, back up Penn, then a few laps around Highland Park. Good news: the legs felt pretty okay after yesterday’s thrashing. Bad news: the drivetrain sounds worse. So much for the fancy carbon cranks. I’m resurrecting the Truvativ ‘cross cranks with a new ($20) bottom bracket and bigger chainring. I’m sure the frame will appreciate the non-carbon cranks, too–those things, with the MASSIVE axle, caused the frame to flex like a wet noodle.

Additionally, the Surly has gone through another round of changes.

Surly, Updated

Gone is the basket, hopefully to land on a winter beater. I purchased two Banjo Brothers pannier (waterproof and market models) for my stuff and the laptop case. We’ll see how I like not having the weight on the front wheel.