The End of the Pannier Era

Well, that was quick. I didn’t mind carrying the single pannier with my clothes and various sundries, but the laptop was too much, due in part, I think, to the lack of proper rack braze-ons. I just couldn’t get the p-clamps adjusted well enough to keep the loads from swaying. And while it was nice having normal steering again, the weight caused a certain amount of frame flex that affected steering in a way I didn’t particularly like. So, it is back to the Wald basket. Fortunately, thanks to the Bike PGH message boards, the panniers should be sold sometime this week. No harm, no foul.

Additionally this weekend, I did something that hasn’t been done in quite some time–I replaced my horribly worn chainring. Gone is the 42 tooth model, and in its place is a 41 tooth GT BMX ring, the deal of a lifetime at $10 at Dirty Harry’s. Replaced the chain as well. Silent drivetrain, here I come.