Saturday Ride

Pittsburgh’s L’Alpe D’Heuz

I didn’t pick the route, but rode with two friends. I had read about this climb, in a cemetery, in Braddock, but had never ventured out to it. It wasn’t as hard as expected–it gets its name from the numerous switchbacks, a rarity in these parts–though I couldn’t hold Stuart’s wheel (in my defense, I couldn’t shift into my lowest gear….waaaah). Rankin is not, umm, the most picturesque town to include in a ride, however.

I’ve been having trouble finding what my red line is on the hills. I suppose trying to keep up with Stuart would have a fine job of finding (and exceeding) it, but I think I could have pushed a bit harder. My concern is always stretching the rubber band too far, and having it snap, and then not being to able to hold on for the rest of the ride.