Sunday Ride

Four Hills, Plus

I finally managed to make it out with a few folks who were doing their Dirty Dozen training. We did High Street/Seavey Road, Center, Ravine, and Berryhill (the only one I haven’t done before). Another good learning exercise. The High Street/Seavey Road combo felt pretty good, even on a minimal warmup (all of, oh, half a mile). I really dislike Center. It isn’t terribly steep, but it is very straight. It wasn’t that I thought that I couldn’t do it, I just didn’t like it. Ravine felt pretty good as well, and I managed to turn the screws a bit on the final stretch of Sharps Hill. Berryhill is quite steep, but very short. I lucked out by lolly-gagging at the Saxonburg crossing, and I avoided a bit of traffic on the hill.

I did not, however, bring enough food, and I popped pretty good climbing Nadine. The final few miles (all generally uphill) were quite a grind. Note to self, bring more food.