Saturday Ride

Old Mill/Saxonburg Loop

I’ve wanted to do this ride for some time, and just haven’t gotten around to it. Few folks are interested in the last bit of Old Mill Road, with its mix of dirt, gravel, and chip seal. Personally, I find this quite inviting. The full length of Old Mill is really a great road–the surface is never really all that good and it is peppered with momentum-sapping humps. All of this is worth the final stretch, though: a long mixed surface descent. Nothing like cruising at 25MPH on dirt on a road bike.

The return on Saxonburg was less than pleasant. With temperatures in the high 30s, riding into a headwind after climbing Indianola was cold, to say the least. Add to that the speed-sucking chip seal, and it was a character-building experience. I also found myself just off the front of the Dirty Dozen group as they descended Middle Road from the Berryhill climb. More power to them.